The Bird Tree

Sweet, sweet downtime.  Blankets of snow and cozy fires. Momentarily shaking off the urge to do, do, do and just slowing down.

Recovering from a year of upheaval and hard work and change, I’m using some of my current “free” time to update and recap what’s been happening on the farm.  But first a sweet faced pup and her human counterpart convinced me that it’s worth going outside, even when it’s dumping snow and 10 degrees out. I brought along the big camera for fun.

Jan 2017

The quintessential Perfect expression

Jan 2017

Snow flying off the barn

Jan 2017

Jan 2017

Penny on her “King of the Hill” hill
Jan 2017

The farmhouse

Jan 2017

Chickens, ducks and geese tucked away in their coop and Abbie lurking around
(look in the bottom right)
Jan 2017

The swimming pond with Perfect flying by

Jan 2017

Lots of pretty dried bits around with snow tucking in every corner
Jan 2017

The little waterfall from the swimming pond

Jan 2017

Penny and Perfect on the bridge to the spring
Jan 2017

The spring, still bubbling away

Jan 2017

Slowly the ice and snow covers up the ponds

We moved our Christmas tree outside yesterday and it became the Bird Christmas tree. For several years we have set out the tree and added a few birds treats. This year, Penny’s current bird obsession had us working extra hard to make sure the birds were spoiled properly.  She is thrilled to watch all of our daily visitors and vows to restock the treats until spring.   I’m just praying this doesn’t attract even more mice!

Jan 2017Jan 2017

Jan 2017 Jan 2017

Jan 2017

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